Recruitday Applicant Tracking System

by Recruitday Inc.

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Configurable recruitment platform to match your organization's recruitment processes and workflows​

The Recruitday Applicant Tracking System is a low code, no code recruitment platform built on Microsoft Power Platform that helps companies manage their entire recruitment process.


Key benefits include:  

  • Configurable and extensible to tailor-fit to your organization’s specific processes and requirements
  • Applicant Tracking System with functional tools such as resume parsing, tagging, search, and more

  • Collaboration tools that encourage better teamwork and communication

  • Powerful automations that help you work faster and more efficiently

  • Task and work trackers to manage all your activities and stay organized

  • Real-time reports and dashboards to view key information that helps you make better business decisions faster

  • Integratable with third-party apps you already use 

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