RFPIO | Dynamics CRM Add-On


RFP software that aids the response process with centralized content, collaboration and reporting.

RFPIO’s cloud-based software helps streamline proposal management efforts in the RFP response process. The trusted solution automates the import and export functions, centralizes content for business proposals and security questionnaires, and facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders.

At the heart of the user-friendly application is RFPIO’s dynamic answer library enhanced by an intelligent recommendation engine, that provides centralized content and a collaboration hub.

Bi-directional integrations with many popular technologies, along with an open API, allow teams to connect instantly to people and content. Reports and dashboards give clear visibility into the full cycle of the RFP process—including project status and progress, and analytics for actionable insights.

RFPIO’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to work on proposals within the CRM application:

  • View executive dashboards for at-a-glance insight into RFP progress
  • Create new RFP projects in Dynamics and tie them directly to sales opportunities
  • Upload supporting proposal documentation without having to sign in to another app

The company’s founders are a team of former RFP responders, who understood the particular inefficiencies most organizations face in the process. They took that knowledge and sought out to develop an easy-to-use solution for anyone involved in proposal and questionnaire completion.

RFPIO now has hundreds of customers, across a variety of industries, represented around the world.

With RFPIO’s innovative technology, organizations are saving 40 to 50 percent on RFP response completion. This massive time and resource savings empowers teams to participate in more proposals, provide high quality responses and create additional revenue opportunities.

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