empower time app

by saglobal

Power app to enhance time recording functionality in Dynamics 365

Why Buy?

  • Simplifies time recording
  • Maximizes time billed : time automatically posted into timesheet system
  • Receive auto confirmations of what you’ve billed
  • Easy time recording, anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  • Cloud based, always on
  • Fast & accurate
  • User friendly

Features & Function 

  • A Cloud based solution allowing easy recording of time entry anytime, anyplace, anywhere, including offline recording
  • User friendly, fast and accurate capture of time to help with easy billing
  • Simplified time recording that maximizes time billed : time automatically posted into timesheet system
  • Ability to record multiple parallel tasks with “stopwatch” thereby allowing simultaneous actions on multiple tasks
  • Capture billable time on any device – desktop, tablet, mobile.
  • The ability for offline recording, passive time recording, and automatic synchronization makes this time app a comprehensive solution to help organizations manage timekeeping better and to improve billing, meet client requirements and empower your people.

At a glance