Asset Insider - Industry 4.1 Solution

by Sappience

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Manage the asset lifecycle with Digital Twins. Customize with Low-Code and Power Apps

Asset Insider bolsters you in managing the asset lifecycle with its Digital Twin nature and the freedom to customize it with Low-Code

Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, this Low-Code app will help you extend the lifecycle, manage asset data in one place, and gain predictability in asset operations. Take control over the asset lifecycle stages - from initial demand to disposal, with Digital Twins of your assets, systems, and processes. Address the 3 main Asset Management challenges cost, performance, and risk management:

  • Increase stakeholders’ engagement and embrace their objectives and requirements across the value chain
  • Reduce constraints on budget, future planning, risk mitigation
  • Enable remote work and increase productivity with the mobile app
  • Increase asset uptime with better availability and reliability. Track assets and monitor equipment performance gaining full control over the organization process state
  • Eliminate interrupted processes with asset maintenance plans and condition monitoring. Build predictive models with historical and real-time data to forecast downtime
  • Achieve maximum HS&E compliance with centralized data storage, accessible from anywhere with any device
  • Manage your asset inventory item-wise and group-wise with category-specific and custom asset parameters
  • Reduce supply & operational costs (5-10%) with flexible cost management
  • Synchronize your data with access to 400+ integrations, inc. SAP, Dynamics 365, Oracle
  • Make data-driven decisions with custom reports and performance analytics
  • Customize the app by yourself with Low-Code and the Power Platform

Asset Insider combines the qualities of CMMS, EAM, and the Low-Code technology

The app creates a basis for the Intelligent Asset Management System with its ability to:

  1. Collect historical and real-time asset data with IoT devices and sensors
  2. Adopt Agile Asset Management practices and processes
  3. Be their centralized and secure storage

You have the freedom to create predictive models, develop new maintenance plans (predictive, preventive, prescriptive), or combine data with Artificial Intelligence and RPA.
These features give you a platform that changes the traditional way of managing assets. The image of your Digital Twin is entirely up to you.

Connect with us for an Asset Insider live demo and revolutionize your value chain or try it by yourself with the Test Drive option here in the AppSource.
P.S. Learn more about the Digital Twins in Asset Management with our 6-chapter eBook.

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