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ScreenMeet Co-Browse and Remote Support


Co-browsing and Remote Support in the Cloud. Web-based SaaS, deeply integrated into Dynamics.

ScreenMeet co-browsing and remote support is cloud-native, modern SaaS to quickly and easily resolve customer support issues. Designed for the Call Center, ScreenMeet makes it simple from a Case or Incident to see your customer's device (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web-only), take mouse and keyboard control and resolve the issue for the end-user. Our patented approach means that the Support Agent can remain in the browser while the end-user only needs to click a link or enter a 6 digit code into an App or Web Site. Fully featured and available on all computing platofrms, ScreenMeet is the next-generation of remote support. Increase CSAT and NPS. Decrease frustration and solve your customer's issues faster. Available as an annual subscription starting at $299/year.