by Softera Baltic

CRM system designed specifically for agricultural product & equipment sales.


Does your sales team sometimes forget tasks or even customers? Is your data collection complicated and real-time analysis close to impossible? Could your sales be more effective and processes better managed? Are you quick enough to react?

Given the intense competition between sellers of agricultural products and equipment, where anyone can offer similar services, one needs to invest in communication with their customers to stand out. Now is the time to focus on performance-advancing solutions.

SOFT4Agro – a Microsoft Dynamics 365-based solution for companies that sell to agricultural businesses, wholesale, retail and medium or large farmers. This CRM system is designed for:

  • Sellers of fertilizers, seeds, plant protection or other products for agriculture;
  • Sellers of agricultural equipment and machinery including after-sale service;
  • Sellers of feeds;
  • Grain collectors.

SOFT4Agro enables your business to:

  • Monitor and manage all information related to customers‘ farms in one place
  • Predict customer needs based on collected information
  • Increase positive customer experiences by tailoring individual marketing and sales offerings to each customer segment
  • Easily manage contracts, payments and handle all customer data
  • Provide your sales team with access to customer information or to-do lists via mobile devices
  • Automate tasks and plan follow-up actions, visits, track customer communication history
  • Have real-time monitoring of equipment occupancy and plan maintenance
  • Effectively respond to customer complaints

You can make the most out of your CRM investment by leveraging its comprehensive data: turning SOFT4Agro into a powerful sales tool.

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