Sunrise 365® Smart Allocation

by Sunrise Technologies

If you have supply and demand, Sunrise will help analyze your supply chain resiliency.

Everyone talks about supply chain resilience in the wake of the pandemic for good reason. Consumer behavior was radically altered. Foot traffic in retail stores was instantly replaced by eCommerce demand. Simultaneously, worldwide shipments were halted while demand for carrier services reached an all-time high. Factory output plummeted as suppliers faced new working restrictions. The rigid sections of the world’s supply chain buckled in lock step.

“Supply chain resiliency” became the buzzword, but there were more questions than answers. How do you adapt to demand that disappears? What will happen when supply evaporates? Can you quantify the bottom-line impact on your balance sheet?

Sunrise 365® Smart Allocation is built to analyze supply chain resiliency and answer these fundamental questions.

Not all demand is created equal. Smart Allocation calculates the optimal spread of goods based on demand priority and time phased supply. Unit shortages, lost revenue, and inventory excess are exposed in Power BI for analysis and action.

Sunrise 365® Smart Allocation is an Azure Data Solution hosted on Microsoft Dataverse. It fuses 30+ years of supply chain expertise with the power of Microsoft Azure to provide insights at hyper speed.

The best part: Smart Allocation works with any ERP system. Plug your source system into Azure and Sunrise 365® Smart Allocation will analyze your supply chain position and render the results in Power BI.

The solution is a perfect fit for any business that needs an inventory planning solution but does not want to upend their existing tech stack for a single piece of the puzzle.

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