Communify Greet Return to Work/School Extension

by Teknikos Inc.

Temperature gating kiosk extension for Power Platform Return to the Workplace/School solutions

Reduce workplace friction. Get business back to work. 

Communify is a suite of workplace productivity products that empower organizations and employees with the tools they need to thrive. The Communify Greet temperature gating kiosk is an endpoint on the Power Platform Return to the Workplace (RTW) and Return to School (RTS) solutions that can be installed in the entrances of workplace and school facilities. Employees and guests of organizations who have activated the Power Platform Solution and the Communify Greet kiosk use the QR code generated by their RTW or RTS App to check in at the kiosk to validate and record their facility visit. A touch-free workflow captures the temperatures of verified users and guests with a kiosk-enclosed thermal camera, processes the results against configurable temperature thresholds, and discretely delivers access messaging to users. 

The Communify Greet Connector provides organizations with a link between their Communify and RTW and RTS environments. The extension enables temperature gating functionality for your RTW and RTS installation and thus allow Communify administrators to pair Greet endpoints to RTW and RTS facilities, and provides Communify Greet with access to reservations and health attestations recorded in the Power Platform environment. 

In order to install and use the Communify Greet Return to the Workplace extension, organizations will need to have the Power Platform Return to the Workplace solution (version 1.3 or higher) or Return to School (version 1.0 or higher) installed, an active Communify tenant, and a valid Communify license.
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