Connectivity Monitor

by To-Increase B.V.

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Gauge and optimize integration performance on your fingertips!

Unified monitoring of all your integrations & 3 party messages in Dynamics 365

Do you have a distributed application landscape with lots of integrations? Is it becoming increasingly complex to monitor, resolve issues and optimize their performance? To-Increase’s Connectivity Monitor App can help - Monitor, debug and improve overall integration performance with ease.

Key Benefits

  • Easy visibility of integration health to management and IT directors
  • Insightful impact analysis due to integration downtime to trigger restoration actions quickly
  • Strategic trend analysis to optimize integration performance
  • Seamless collaboration via Teams to reduce failure response time
  • Monitor business critical integrations and business processes (e.g. EDI messages, MDM messages) – all in one place
  • Gain operational agility to resolve integration errors with an intuitive power app

Key Features

  • Real-time access to integration health and failure impact on your mobile device
  • Comprehensive analytics to evaluate integration and message performance over time
  • Insights such as ‘average peak messages daily’ and ‘top 10 slow performing integrations’ to optimize performance
  • Slice and dice integration errors by Project, Application, Company, etc. to assign to your team for resolutions
  • App embedded within Microsoft Teams for easy accessibility
  • Alerts sent within teams upon integration failure to reduce failure response time
  • Built with a Dataverse as a foundation with Power Apps and Power BI as the front-end


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