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CRM solution for Financial Services Industries

VeriTouch is a vertical solution built on top of Dynamics 365, optimized with industry best practices that enable banks and insurance companies to place customer relationship management at the core of their digital transformation journey.

VeriTouch consolidates data from the organization's back-end systems and digital channels. It provides a unified front end with standardized processes to serve customers efficiently; streamlined and tailored solutions to solve customer's concerns and address their needs; recommendations and guided selling tools to deliver relevant and differentiated offers to customers.


Invaluable Customer Insight

VeriTouch brings together all customer information into one place enabling you to transform the vast and disparate stores of data into actionable insight. With this power, you can proactively recommend additional products or services that match the customer’s profile for more personalized engagement.   


Increased Profitability

VeriTouch enables you to focus and fine-tune your marketing efforts and target only those individuals with the greatest potential of future cross-sell / up-sell opportunities.