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Versium Predict

Versium Analytics Inc.
Free, integrated B2B & B2C data enrichment, insights, predictive lead generation, and lead scoring.

Free, integrated B2B & B2C data enrichment, data hygiene, predictive lead generation and lead scoring, all included with your Dynamics subscription.

Boost your B2B & B2C marketing and sales campaigns for FREE-included with your Dynamics 365 subscription.

Bypass the delays of creating your own extensive data sets or hiring data scientists. Versium puts all the power of machine learning into your hands.

Integrated with Dynamics 365 for Sales, Predict enables you to enrich data, generate validation scores, and get insights in your Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity records, all at no cost and with no usage limits.

Easily discover business insights such as firmographics, business news, social feeds, and consumer demographics.

Identify who is most likely to buy your products. Predict uses your existing CRM leads, contacts, and accounts to build unlimited predictive models you can use to:

  • Score existing business and consumer leads (predictive lead scoring)
  • Generate net-new leads by building high-scoring lists from Versium's LifeData® warehouse (predictive lead generation)

Predict users see conversion rates increase by as much as 350% compared to their previous, non-predictive campaigns. Take your business to the next level with the power of Versium Predict.