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Versium Predict

Versium Analytics Inc.
Drive more engagement with the right buyers within Dynamics 365. Get actionable FREE insights today.

Predict breaks down the barrier to achieve higher conversion rates while increasing insights into customer and leads.

Supercharge your marketing and sales with Versium's powerful solution called Predict. Predict gives you the advantage of leveraging the data you already have to find the right customers and engage with them. Our predictive analytics is built within Dynamics 365, so you can start focusing your team on high-value targets and convert more sales today!

  • Grow your pipeline with better high-value prospects
  • Lower your acquisition costs and save money
  • Deliver more personalized engagement
  • Grow sales with intelligence prioritization of the right leads

Key Capabilities:

  • Data enrichment - discover unique characteristics of your customers to deliver more personalized engagement
  • Data hygiene - Keep marketing lists and customer data up-to-date
  • Lead scoring - Use the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to score leads and market to those most likely to convert
  • Predictive prospecting - Source new high-value prospects from Versium's LifeData wherehouse and save them directly within Dynamics 365
  • Predictive modeling - Build on-demand, self-service custom predictive models that accurately predict how customers are likely to behave