Utilities CX For Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

by Wipro Ltd

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Automate sales, mobilize Customer Service, Digitalize your customer’s experience using our solution

Wipro’s Utilites Cx  solution built on Microsoft Dynamics

A cloud based customer experience solution built on dynamics CRM, specifically for utilities suppliers, to increase workforce productivity, achieve operational efficiency and improve customer retention

 Today’s Utility industry is struggling to better understand needs of their customers and provide competitive edge by targeting right products and personalized campaigns for them. There is need to have a single system with Customer 360 view with all their data and interactions history to support the same.  Moreover, rising customer expectations and the entry of new independent suppliers have compelled the utilities players to improve their services and provide seamless experience across all channels to retain their customer base.

 Wipro’s Utilities Customer Experience (CX) solution built on Microsoft Dynamics helps clients unify their customer data from multiple sources, optimize various business processes like Customer Onboarding, streamline their Field and customer service operations, enhance predictive and preventive analytics, personalize customer segmentation & automated marketing campaigns and enable omnichannel experience. This solution also supports mobile apps for all relevant stakeholders to provide flexibility.

 Key solution features:

  1. Customer 360 view:  Unified customer data with customer insights leveraging Customer Data Platform.
  2. Connected Field Service with IOT capability: Predictive and Preventive device anomalies support with auto scheduling of work orders and remote fixes.
  3. Next best action: Perform next best action based on multiple analytics like propensity to churn, payment defaults etc.
  4. Omnichannel Experience:  Seamless Customer engagement across different digital messaging channels
  5. Intelligent automation and digital optimization: Effective customer onboarding management with Quote and service agreement capabilities and integration support with billing systems etc
  6. Customer Self Service Portal: Empowering Customers  to have  all their information available on portal to access anytime anywhere
  7. Remote collaboration and Assistance: Customer Interactions supported with help of live chat, video call etc

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