WithoutWire Field Service

by Appolis

WithoutWire Field Service extends functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service

WithoutWire Field Service is designed to transform the field tech’s daily inventory complexities.  This new approach of embedding our consumption, lookups, and inventory requests right in the mobile app means no jumping across apps in the field.  Warehouse and assembly operations are handled via the WithoutWire Inventory Platform WMS mobile experience.  Our approach to inventory leverages a holistic real-time visibility of inventory for all interested parties.  Field techs, warehouses, customers, vendors, and scheduling can be given access to support a work order fulfillment strategy that is focused on keeping promise dates and filling the gaps on missing inventory as quickly as possible using advanced replenishment and inventory requests across complex networks of storage and demand.


WithoutWire Field Service solutions provides the following scenarios of integration Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service:

  • Work order synchronization, including work order products, statuses and booking activities.
  • Inventory lookup functionality that allows technicians to find parts wherever they are.
  • Inventory request functionality that allows technicians to order items.
  • Receive drop shipments with 1 barcode scan.
  • Consumption functionality that dramatically improves out of box functionality for technicians.

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