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XperiDo Document Generation by Xpertdoc


5.0 (1)

Efficiently generate consistent documents

Efficient Document Generation

  • XperiDo lets you generate one or more documents with a single click from any list view or record form.
  • That same single click can produce the document(s) automatically in the correct language, store them in SharePoint or CRM, print them, deliver them as e-mail attachment or body and start an e-signing procedure via DocuSign or Sertifi.
  • XperiDo also comes with a workflow plugin, so you can even avoid that single click and create, save and deliver documents as part of a background process.

Consistent Documents

  • XperiDo templates and compositions help you enforce corporate or brand identity.
  • But most importantly, they let you build a consistent logic into all of your documents.
  • and XperiDo facilitates consistent storage and delivery.

Empower Creative Staff

  • The XperiDo template design experience inside Microsoft Word is geared towards your creative people, not just IT staff.
  • You'll be surprised just how easily you can create conditional content and lay-out, grouped/sorted/filtered loops, calculations, conditional picture and file insertions, translations, calculations, barcodes and charts.
  • As for your IT staff, there's an admin portal experience to manage connectors and configurations, DTAP paths and promotions, request logging and reporting.