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Storyboard That

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Create Storyboards for School, Film, or your Business today

Storyboard That empowers users to create storyboards and graphic organizers with its intuitive, browser-based Storyboard Creator.

Storyboard That requires an account with Storyboard That to save and edit your storyboards. Accounts are offered at the free level, or at the premium level starting at $9.95 per month.

Extensive Art Library:

· Pick from hundreds of Storyboard That characters and scenes, organized by subject and time period.

· Search millions of illustrations and photos, including the Photos for Class library.

· Upload your own photos and artwork!

Diverse Layout Options:

· Choose a Traditional Storyboard, or a more advanced layout like Grid, Spider Map, Timeline, 16x9, or T-Chart.

· Add up to 100 cells to your storyboard.

· Modify your layout with titles and descriptions.

Customizable Characters:

· Bring storyboards to life with posable characters.

· Make characters distinct and recognizable with preset and custom colors for skin, eyes, hair, and clothes.

· Crop, flip, layer, and resize to arrange even the most crowded scenes.


· Save your storyboard to your personal account, or an account associated with your school or business.

· Present your storyboard with One-Click Sideshows, download it to PowerPoint, or print it out.

· Export your storyboard as high resolution PNGs, ready for app smashing or embedding in a blog.

For Education

Common Core aligned activities for Subjects:

o Math

o Literacy (English Language Arts)

o Science

o Social Studies

o Teaching Tools and Resources

Age ranges:

o Preschool and Kindergarten

o Elementary School (1st-5th Grade)

o Middle School (6-8th Grade)

o High School (9-12th Grade)

o Higher Education

· Great for vocabulary, plot diagrams, character mapping and literary analysis

· Practices key skills needed in the workplace

For Business

· Agile Product Development

· Engaging Presentations

· Commercials, Films, & YouTube Videos

· Negotiation Preparation

For Individuals

· Independent Filmmakers

· Bloggers

· Creative Writers

· Comic Strip Creator

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