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Actionspace for Office 365

Actionspace LLC

Easy-to-use enterprise task management and simple project management for Office 365

Actionspace is an easy-to-use yet powerful business app for Office 365 which helps managers and executives effectively manage daily teamwork, enhance work visibility and ensure timely completion of business projects and tasks.


Actionspace helps managers and executives to:

  • Manage daily teamwork and collaboration without email overload,

  • Improve operational control,

  • Get instant visibility into project progress,

  • Anticipate risks and missing deadlines more effectively,

  • Increase productivity at all levels of the organization.

Team members love using Actionspace as a single place to organize and manage all tasks they receive and assign. It help them to:

  • Manage daily to-do list,

  • Focus on getting things done,

  • Increase personal productivity.

Office 365 integration provides you with a seamless access, immediate launch and immersion into your corporate environment.

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