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Scheduling meetings with MeetSweet! is: Global. Secure. Easy Peasy. Fun. Customized.

Your mission: find the perfect time for your business meetings.

Tired of lengthy and difficult appointment coordination processes and cumbersome follow-ups of meetings? – MeetSweet! makes you a #meetinghero.

MeetSweet! has been designed specifically for enterprises with a high demand for data privacy and security. It helps you scheduling your business meetings and offers you a bunch of other advantages like SharePoint integration, cloud usage as well as an on-premise version or heat mapping to display your invitees‘ availabilities.

Become a #meetinghero in three simple steps:

1. Plan your meetings

Add colleagues, partners and customers from your Office 365 or external guests by their email adress.

Create different time slots based on their availabilites, which can be clearly seen on a heat map.

Determine a specific meeting location.

Send invites, vote with „yes/no/maybe“ and find time together.

2. Meet the team

Once you and your colleagues have agreed on a date and everybody has been informed by MeetSweet! on your behalf, you can bring your ideas to (real) life.

Take meeting notes and attach important files already during the meeting.

3. Follow-up for everyone

Create follow-up meeting notes or summaries and upload them for your colleagues.

You can access all documents that the other attendees have uploaded as well. Therefore every attendee is given a secure access link.

MeetSweet! summed up:

  • Two hosting options: private or public cloud

  • High security level by Azure AD, Active Directory, ADFS, WS-Federation and secure access codes

  • Integration of your adress book, calendar, Outlook, SharePoint and more

  • Integrated newsfeed that feeds SharePoint Social Newsfeed

  • Secure encryption using HTTPS communication

  • Your data stays on your tenant

  • Various options to brand and customize your MeetSweet!


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