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UnlimitedViz Inc

2.7 (6)

Track and plan ongoing education and certification for members of your organization.

CertiViz is a SharePoint application which helps an organization plan and track ongoing education for its members including certification requirements. The organization begins by identifying resources such as documents, multimedia files or sites its members are expected to be familiar with. Opposite each resource a series of questions can be composed and used to test members on an ongoing basis. Member level and administrative level dashboards help the member and the organization record and monitor ongoing learning, training, or certification requirements.

This application integrates very well with SharePoint especially since the studying resources are commonly files or sites, both of which can easily be stored or linked to from SharePoint. Placing this app in a highly visible place such as the organization’s portal site will help administration and its members alike keep focus on learning programs. Centrally recording, tracking, and scheduling testing all from one app will greatly ease with the administration of ongoing learning including certification requirements.