Range Calculations

by Tyrant Ventures LLC

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Perform basic operations in all selected cells in Excel 2013 with Range Calculations app by Ablebits

The Range Calculation app comes in very handy when you need to recalculate numbers in many cells. Ranges and tables of prices are easy to handle: divide, multiply, add and calculate percentage in the entire range by clicking the “Calculate” button.

  • Add or subtract a number from all the selected cell values
  • Multiply or divide all the selected numbers by the one you enter
  • Choose what percentage of the selected numbers you want to see in their place
  • Add or subtract some percentage from the selected values

Please note that any formulas in your range will be overwritten with values. You can cancel the process to keep them, or continue and have the calculated numbers inserted.

Whenever you need to count how much is 24% of each value in the column, subtract 11% from all selected numbers, or perform any other basic math operation, you are one click away from the results with this app in your Excel 2013. Get your calculator for all selected numbers by adding this simple app.

Bonus: This app has an Easter egg – you can enter negative numbers or % into the “Enter a number” field, thus you can apply more advanced operations to your range, e.g. multiply values by 5%.

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet

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