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UpdateYeah! is a fast, concise and effective way to prepare update emails using Excel or Word data.

When you maintain project information UpdateYeah! will simplify preparing the status emails you send to team members, management and customers. Begin by organizing your data in Excel as you have always done. This data may include historical data, backup data, audit data and details that are important to you but too much data to include in every status update email. Next, choose the key data elements that benefit each team member and format that information into short concise sentences for the subject text and the body text. Use formulas to reference specific data values needed and minimize having to edit each time you need to send another update. Include columns in Excel for the "To", "Cc" and "Bcc" as required. Add rows to specify each email recipient or use a formula to string all "To" addresses into one cell. Tip: people pay more attention to emails addressed just to them and with UpdateYeah!, it's less work for you. Make a few selections in the UpdateYeah! app and your emails are delivered. UpdateYeah! also ports Word table data.

UpdateYeah! is simple, fast, and effective in communicating just the data each team member needs. When you email your entire Excel file either as an attachment or as a link to everyone, it's often more information than they need. In fact, it's likely that if you send them updates every few days, after a while they will stop opening your Excel file. The fact is many times individuals use cell phones to read emails and that brings on additional limitations. Let's face it, what serves your team members well is short concise emails with only the latest data that pertains to each recipient. If this is your case, then send an UpdateYeah!

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