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Newsfeed Notifier

Get instant access to your latest newsfeed messages in your suite bar in all SharePoint sites.

The Newsfeed Notifier pushes the latest updates from your SharePoint Newsfeed to your suite bar. Regardless on which SharePoint Site you are, all user updates from the SharePoint Newsfeed are delivered at the same time and are pushed to the user. Therefor you don’t have to leave your working context.

By using an icon in the SharePoint suite bar, the user will be notified about present updates. The number on the icon indicates the count of the latest Newsfeed posts. Similar to known social media sites you only have to click on the notifier icon to see the latest newsfeed in a popup window.

The app can be integrated in specific SharePoint Sites or all existing SharePoint Sites by inserting a simple code snippet in the Master Page.

Take action now and enhance your SharePoint experience with our app – Up to 5 SharePoint users are free! For more pricing information please visit or contact us at to get a specific offer.

Please note that you can either install the Newsfeed Notifier online by using the cloud-based app model or in your local SharePoint environment! When you want to install this app on-premise, please contact us!


- currently the active notification of the count of new messages in the suitebar is deactivated, but will be activates with the next patch

- Safari 5.X is not supported

- In the next version you can also reply to the latest Newsfeed posts or even create a new one