KWizCom Cascading LookApp

by KWizCom

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Easily connect your lists & enhance your list forms with cross-site, cascaded Lookup columns


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KWizCom Cascading LookApp enables you to turn SharePoint Lookup columns into "Super Lookup" columns that include the following additional capabilities:

  • Cross-site Lookups – Unlike the out-of-the-box Lookup columns, with Cascading LookApp you can now create a lookup to remote lists, which are located in various sites.
  • Cascaded Lookups – Who isn’t familiar with this SharePoint limitation?? Now you can easily filter you Lookup fields by other field on the same form, such as in the most common scenario: Region > Country > City.
  • Filter Lookup by view – When you create a Lookup field, you can have it filtered by a selected view of the referenced list (unlike the out-of-the-box Lookup field that always displays all items from the looked-up list.
  • Quickly created new items in the looked-up list – you can now create new items in the looked-up list, directly from the New/Edit form of your current edited item. No need to close that form and go to the Looked-up list – save time!!

Please note: this app requires you to install our "KWizCom Apps Foundation" app. This app needs to be installed in your corporate app catalog and trusted at the tenant level by your tenant administrator.

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This app is also part of KWizCom Forms app Pro. edition - a 100% SharePoint-native forms solution for SharePoint online,


IE9 or older versions are not supported.

Supported browsers:

IE (10 and above), FireFox (latest), Chrome (latest), Safari (latest).

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