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My SharePoint Sites

Get an instant overview of all your SharePoint Sites and immediately navigate to every desired site.

SharePoint 2013 provides a lot of configuration options to assign permissions to users or groups for a specific site or site content. However, the main problem is the amount of authorized SharePoint Sites. At a certain amount of Sites your allowed to, the regular SharePoint user will be overstrained in terms of using SharePoint.

As a consequence, important corporate knowledge is lost because the SharePoint user cannot find the relevant SharePoint site.

Our App “My SharePoint Sites” provides an efficient way to solve this sort of problem and helps the user to navigate through all authorized SharePoint sites. By clicking the app icon in the suite bar, all authorized SharePoint sites are displayed.

In the opened window the user can select the desired SharePoint site by simply clicking on it. The app considers your current navigation path and shows your Site Collections as well as the sub-pages for your current location.

Once you have installed the “My SharePoint Sites” app in SharePoint 2013, you provide an efficient way to see all authorized SharePoint sites by simply clicking on the SharePoint site icon in the upper suite bar.

Take action now and enhance your SharePoint experience with our app – Up to 5 SharePoint users are free! For more pricing information please visit or contact us at to get a specific offer.

Please note that you can either install the My SharePoint Sites app online by using the cloud-based app model or in your local SharePoint environment! When you want to install this app on-premise, please contact us!