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SharePoint4IT PivotList


1.0 (1)

A powerful and easy tool to analyze and present data from your lists

Business solutions usually require a way to analyze and present data.

SharePoint4IT PivotList gives you a powerful and easy tool to analyze and present data from your SharePoint lists.

SharePoint4IT PivotList leads you to a user-friendly data visualization, similar to MS Excel Pivot tables. You can also get your summarized data in other layouts, like lists with groupings and totals.

Enhance your presentation adding different graphic options. You can add up to 6 charts to display your data in different ways.

Create a “dashboard” adding different graphs to your summarized data.


  • Filters. You can use different fields from your list to dynamically filter the data to display.

  • Summarized data. Get dynamically summarized data choosing the summarize operator (sum, count, max, min) and the display layout (PivotTable-like, list with groups and totals).

  • Charts. Give more information adding graphs. You can add up to six different graphs, representing different fields from your list. You can choose from different graph types (column, bar, pie).

* Not compatible with Internet Explorer 8

* Export to Excel (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox)

Option not available if Shockwave Flash Object add-on is not enabled.