Tasks in a Box for SharePoint Online

by Spikes NV.

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Tasks in a Box brings advanced, frustration free task management to SharePoint Online.

TASKS IN A BOX brings advanced social task management to Office 365/SharePoint. Sync your SharePoint tasks to Tasks in a Box and get a single, integrated view on all your SharePoint tasks, both on your desktop as well as on your mobile devices.


Tasks in a Box is also available as a free, fully featured stand-alone app. The SharePoint app has some advantages but requires site collection administrator rights to install. See for more info.


Let people who share the same goals collaborate together. Streamline your processes across the company, or ditch the organisational chart. Not everything can be planned so allow yourself to adapt to the situation on the fly and still collaborate together. Simply empower everyone with the right information to make the right decisions, get work done and create a better worklife.

From facilitating basic task management actions to scenario's that are simply impossible with sharepoint lists, these tools let you become a Get Things Done superhero:

PROJECTS: Cut back on meetings and email chains. Work together in a project: a flexible, collaborative workspace for teams to get work done wherever, whenever.

TEMPLATES: Doing the same thing over and over again is just a waste of time. With templates you can save and re-use a set of tasks you use regulary. Automatic due date calculation and members inclusion are part of this powerful tool.

TASK SYNC: Are you missing the 'My Tasks' feature in SharePoint Online? You can now sync your SharePoint task lists with Tasks in a Box and get a single, integrated view on all your tasks.

MOBILE: We're delivering the same great user experience across all your devices: whether you're working on your desktop, your tablet or your mobile phone.

SOCIAL: With notifications, activity feeds and daily emails you always know what's going on.

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