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Track Team Time-Off

i2eConsulting LLC

2.0 (3)

Helps team members and managers to submit, track, manage and view their leaves, holidays, vacations

Track team Time-Off app help submit and track team leaves, vacation, time-off and holidays, using SharePoint 2013 technology. This intuitive app designed to meet the requirements of business teams and organizations to help them simplify the baffling process of submitting and tracking Leave requests.

With Track Team Time-Off, the user can apply for leaves in a simple, hassle free manner. At the same time, the Reporting Manager can accept or reject the leave requests placed by the employee with just a few clicks of mouse.

Key Features of App:

• Workflow Integration with SharePoint user list.

• App supports three roles in an organization, namely “User”, “Manager” and “Administrator”.

• User who installs the app for the first time automatically, becomes application administrator

with ability to assign Admin roles.

• Administrator is responsible for adding the users and configuring their leaves within the app.

• Administrator is authorized to enter information pertaining to annual holidays and annual employee leaves.

• Administrator assigns the leave balance for employees for the first time, and then renews

balance at the beginning of each year(January).

• Manager is accountable for either approving or rejecting an employee’s leave.

• User can request/apply for a leave to the Reporting Manager.

• Integrated Email mechanism.

• Automatic e-mail notifications of leave requests, approvals and rejections.

• Tracks team leaves, holidays, vacations and time-offs. The number of workdays is calculated automatically, taking into consideration any weekends and public holidays.

• Easy to view Calendar format to track team’s Vacation calendar

• Report with Export to Excel, PDF, CSV, Copy and Print functionalities.

• The entire app is visible only to the Admin, who can monitor the leaves and leave status of both Reporting Manager and the User.

• The Reporting Manager can view the users and his own app account.

• The user can view only his own account and apply for leaves.

• IOS App Support : With Track Team Time-Off, available on your iPhone you can now apply for leaves quickly. At the same time, you can also check if your leave has been approved or not by the Manager.

Pre-Requisites :

Must have SharePoint 2013 environment

• NOTE: "Enables Cookies"

• NOTE: "Required - Adobe Flash Player plug-in"

• NOTE: "Best compatible with IE 11 and above & Chrome"