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ISE AG Informatik Solutions Einsiedeln

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SharePoint e-learning solution for SCORM packages.

The ISE School SCORM App is a SharePoint e-learning solution. You can upload SCORM packages (version 1.2 or 2004) and release them for your students. All packages are centrally stored in a document library and can be managed and activated in every app instance. The app can be installed in multiple websites (e.g. multiple class- or coursesites).

Every app instance contains a result list. So you get an overview over your student's progress and endresults.

The app can be ideally complemented with our other ISE School solutions.

There can occur some errors if you are still using the Internet Explorer 9. If you get the error that there are no files in the package found, you have to download the zip-file to your computer, unzip all files and then rezip everything. Be also aware that the single files cannot be bigger than 2MB if you are using the Internet Explorer 9.

The Internet Explorer 8 is not supported.


Added support for Office MIX SCORM packages.


Added license control and the dutch language.