Tru Copy and Paste

by TekReach Solutions LLC

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Tool that allows you copy and move files anywhere in your SharePoint sites

Tru Copy / Paste is an essential add-in that integrates nicely in your SharePoint site, giving you the ability to copy/move multiple documents and folders to your desired destination anywhere in your tenancy. Tru Copy has a free and paid plans.

Copying and moving files between libraries, folder, and site collections is not possible in native SharePoint and through the browser. This is an essential tool for to be productive using files in SharePoint.

The behaviour is very similar to that of the traditional Windows Copy and Paste feature we are all used to.


- Now you can edit properties many documents at the same time.

- Now the add-in is supported under the new document library experience.

Update 2/2/2016

-Now you can copy meta data with files.

-Populate document fields/meta-data/columns automatically using a form while copying. (Perfect option when mail merging data into many documents).

-Paste files with new names. No need to rename a file or folder after copying it.

-Enterprise Template Rollup. Paste your own custom templates that you define (such as proposals, quotes, agreements, etc..). Roll up happens automatically.


- Now Supports Records Document Libraries


1. PDF converter. This allows you to select files such as word, Excel, etc. and convert them to PDF.

2. Easy access to files you follow. This is given in a new tab.


- Copy, clone and files and folders between:

1. Folders

2. Libraries

3. Sites

4. Site Collections

Work with files like you do in a Windows, copy, cut and move files as you please.

- Add multiple files to your clipboard

You can add files from multiple locations to your clipboard, allowing you to collect your working files in one place quickly for processing.

- Zip, Unzip Files & Folders

Easily zip and unzip .zip files directly in the browser.

- Download as Zip

Download selected files as a single compressed zip file.

- Access Files you are following Easily

Quickly access files you're following through your sites for processing (moving, converting, copying..)

- PDF Document Converter

Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other file types to PDF directly in a SharePoint document library. Batch conversion also available. More details on this feature.

- Move Files and Preserve Version History

Moving files between sites and libraries while preserving the version history of the files.

- Works with OneDrive For Business

Copy and move files in your OneDrive for Business libraries and folders.

- Overwrite existing files

When pasting you have the option of overwriting files in the destination folder.


Tru Copy and Paste is free to use for up to 30 file paste operations per month. To upgrade find more information here:

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