SubSite Tiles

by SmartData Software & Reporting Services Inc.

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Add-in that automatically creates navigation for a Parent site and its Subsites: Tenant License.

SubSite Tiles automatically provides security-trimmed navigation for your Subsites and Parent Site, displaying each one as a touch-friendly tile. By touching or clicking on a tile, any user can easily navigate to the subsites they use on SharePoint.

Simply add the SubSite Tiles Add-in Part to any page and it auto-generates a Clickable Tile for each subsite as well as the Parent Site. Comes with pre-set Tile images. One license is all that is required across your entire Tenant. Use as many times as you like within one Tenant in as many locations as you like.

This Add-in is touch-friendly for mobile devices. Enables you to use the same browser interface to navigate your SharePoint sites for mobile and tablet as you do on your desktop.

Automated and Easy to Integrate

Simple to set up and is deployed on a site collection in a single five-minute installation. It can be uninstalled just as easily. Activate on a site-by-site basis, control is at the site admin level. Users can add it when editing a page just as they do other Add-ins or webparts. Uses the familiar out-of-the-box SharePoint interface to edit, and is similar to the Promoted Links Add-in that comes with SharePoint. SubSite Tiles dynamically adds new tiles as new subsites are added to the site collection, deletes the Tile when the site is deleted or if the user no longer has permission to access. Note: Changes may take up to 24 hours depending on your search settings. When rendering on a subsite, an 'UP' button Tile provides a link up to that site's parent; if added to the top site level of a site collection, the button does not display.

Mobile-Friendly Navigation

Larger, visually distinctive tiles make navigating subsites much easier on mobile devices. Tiles are easier to use on touch-based devices.

A Visual Tile-Based Display

Our Add-in gives site owners and admins a quick and easy way of presenting subsites in a more visual and user-friendly format. Themed, image-based Tiles help users create visual associations of which subsites lead where, speeding up navigation and enhancing the user experience. Allows you to provide an alternate way to get to subsites and use the global or top navigation bar for other links.

Easy Setup

Setting up SubSite Tiles is a quick and easy process. The Add-in is extremely intuitive and simple. After the installation, SubSite Tiles automatically compiles links on your personal SharePoint site and organizes your navigation in a visual format.

Note: This Add-in uses SharePoint Search to retrieve the list of sites for the tiles. Changes such as new sites or renaming may require a short period of time to elapse before they appear in the Tiles.

Technical Details:

• Supports rows of tiles up to 6 tiles wide, and creates a new row automatically

• Tiles can use any image that is .png format and 150px wide by 100px high

• Compatible with SharePoint 2013 or 2016 On-Premise or O365

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