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Virto Event Calendar Viewer


5.0 (35)

Displays beautiful calendar events within a SharePoint site

Virto Event Viewer is a smart and modern add-in designed by VirtoSoftware for Microsoft SharePoint Online users. This component is intended for managing events on your SharePoint site/site collection.

Virto Event Viewer concentrates on quick and easy event management of pre-defined types adjusted according to your needs.

With Virto Event Viewer you can create calendars which will be available for displaying on all sites of the current site collection. The types of events defined for every created calendar will be autodetected further when adding new events. This means that if you start entering an event type that was created before, the field will offer the existing option types. This will definitely shorten the process of event creations.

Virto Event Viewer allows SharePoint users to define the flexible set of properties for every type of events. This way you can choose which events should include organizer and location, and which of them should show schedule and image. Displaying hourly schedule (agenda) for event preview is also supported.


1. Creating calendars within a SharePoint site/site collection

2. Ability to define a set of properties for event types (managed with drag & drop)

3. "Smart" input for the "Type" field (autodetection)

4. Pop-up and detailed previews of events

5. Ability to add images to the event details

6. Ability to define access rights for calenders and events

7. Sorting and filtering options

8. Three views of events (default, daily and full)

9. Supported hourly schedule (agenda) for event preview

10. Ability to add link for event details

11. Color-coded display of events (RGB)

12. Ability to hide events

13. Ability to define interaction for event click

How to install & configure Virto Event Viewer

1) Install an Add-in

2) Open 'Site contents'

3) Click on the tile 'Virto Event Viewer'

4) Create events and calendars

6) Go to page on which you want add Virto Event Viewer

7) Open page in edit mode

8) Select insert tab on the ribbon

9) Click button 'App Part'

10) Select 'Virto Event Viewer', press 'Add'

11) Open 'Virto Event Viewer' app part in edit mode

12) Expand 'Virto Event Viewer' category

13) Enter calendar name which you want to show

14) Click button 'OK' to save app part settings.

15) Click button 'Save' on the ribbon to save page changes


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