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SignNow for Word

Barracuda Networks, INC

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SignNow e-signature allows you to sign, send and manage legally enforceable documents.

Accelerate your businesses productivity with award-winning e-signature used by millions of people.

SignNow for Word enables you to electronically sign, send and manage documents without leaving Microsoft Word. With SignNow for Word, you can add fields (text, signature, initials and dropdown) to your documents, and upload those documents to your SignNow account. This process is perfect for users whose documents frequently require text changes, while requiring the same fields overall.

For example, let's say you have a contract that uses the same Word template, but there are certain paragraphs that may not apply to everyone. With SignNow for Word, you can insert all of your fields in your Word document and they'll be converted into fields on SignNow.

Our intuitive point-and-click interface gives you the flexibility to work how and where you want.

Key Features

• Easily insert text, dropdown, initial and signature fields into your Word document.

• Place fields among your existing text, to be converted to SignNow fields upon upload.

• Name and save your Word document directly to any SignNow account at the press of a button.

• See a typo? No problem! Make the change in Word and re-upload the new document.

• Simply copy and paste the fields in your Word document for super easy placement.

Signature Matter

Reduce document error and turnaround time by as much as 90%. Get legally binding signatures from customers, partners and employees in seconds using any device.

Secure Company Agreements

Never search for a signed paper agreement again. Gain control over document workflows, electronically secure critical documents, and easily integrate with other systems.

The Paperless Advantage

Ditch the printer, scanner, and fax. An office of 100 typically saves as much as 40 hours per month avoiding paper.

About SignNow by Barracuda

SignNow by Barracuda is an award-winning e-signature solution used by millions of people to sign, send and manage documents on any device. E-Signature users rate SignNow ahead of DocuSign and Adobe Sign in key categories like Setup, Maintenance, Support, Ease of Business and Signature Process. SignNow's industry leading mobile capabilities have made it the #1 e-signature app in the Apple App Store. And Enterprise users rated SignNow the #1 Enterprise software with an average satisfaction score of 9.56 out of 10.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet