iGlobe CRM Office 365 for Microsoft Office 365

by iGlobe

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Making CRM a commodity, easy to learn, simple to implement and affordable.

iGlobe CRM Office 365 is a simple and easy to use CRM Add-in for small business using Office 365. So easy to manage your staff will actually use it!

With Outlook-, Excel, Word add-ins and Teams App combined with a seamless integration to the Office 365 Planner, Groups, SharePoint and Teams the iGlobe SharePoint Add-in is a true Office 365 extension. Work across teams and access e-mail, meetings, tasks, documents and pipeline through a simple dashboard using only one platform.

With the “One Click will do the trick” philosophy, iGlobe Office 365 CRM is a well-designed application, that will make your browsing experience feel like it was made just for you, your customers and your device.

We want to make it easy for you to Try and Decide. Get a 30-day’s free trial for 5 users. 

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  • A Powerful opportunity management and forecasting
  • Reporting capabilities in Excel & Power BI
  • Fast implementation and adaptation that equals a fast ROI
  • Use iGlobe CRM directluy for Teams
  • The best Outlook integration on the market
  • Many Office Add-ins to iGlobe CRM Office 365
  • Mobile App with PowerApps
  • Automation using Microsoft Flow
  • A digital personal assistant will help you to manage your Planner tasks, To Do, calendar entries, Meeting reports and Opportunities.

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Compatible with Edge and latest version of Chrome & Firefox

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