Mentimeter - Interactive Presentations

by Mentimeter

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Engage your audience with fun and interactive presentations, visualizing their opinions in real-time

Mentimeter enables you to turn meetings, workshops, training, conferences or classes into interactive experiences that are fun for both you and your participants. Create Word Clouds based on your audience's impressions, ask a quick Multiple Choice question to let your audience vote, or energize the entire room with a Quiz competition! More than 25 million people all over the world already use Mentimeter for interactive presentations.

Included in the free account:

  • Unlimited audience size even with a free account - which means that everyone can participate
  • Create unlimited presentations and use Mentimeter for professional as well as private events
  • More than 15 different ways to visualize your audience's input: Open Ended questions, Word Clouds, Q&A, Pie, Donut and Spider charts, among others. Customize the audience interaction to suit your needs!
  • Segment the votes based on previous answers to discover unexpected trends between different groups in the audience
  • Reuse the same questions to see how the answers develop over time. Perfect to follow up on your team's performance

Upgrade to get more:

  • Unlimited questions per presentation
  • Export results to Excel for further analysis
  • Use your own logotype for presentations and voting
  • Customize and style every slide in your presentation
  • SSO (Single Sign On)

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