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Easy2Meet B.V.

5.0 (5)

Simple and efficient; paperless meetings!

This add-in provides a control screen for the secretary where meetings can be prepared and managed. This includes adding topics, attachments and participants, minutes tasks and decisions. The meetings can also be directly scheduled in the participant’s calendars. Meeting participants can view these meetings by means of an app that can be found in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store.

• Integration with Azure Active Directory: add participants and groups to a meeting directly from your AD.

• Invite external participants

• Integration with Outlook: view availability and publish automatically to personal outlook-calendars, all from one screen.

• Integration with DMS solutions.

• Automatic document conversion to PDF.

• Write minutes, create tasks and decisions. Meeting participants can view these from their tablets.

• Support for creating and sharing annotations by meeting participants.

• Easy access to meeting history and an open task list.

• Integrated templates.

• Planning ahead.

• Intuitive user interface.

If you have any questions or if you want to buy a license, please contact us via