GoodPoint Image Slider Lite

by GoodPoint Software

Display Images from Picture Library in a Carousel (Image Slider).

This Add-In shows Images from Picture Library in a Carousel (Image Slider).

Provides configurable options and keeps settings simple enough at the same time.

This Add-In is based on popular JSSOR Slider.

The whole bunch of predefined look and feel themes are available.

Autoplay (SlideShow) can be enabled with configurable interval in seconds.


-Totally free and immediately ready to use

-Predefined themes: 17 different types of bullets and 22 types of arrows are available

-Can automatically change slides or move them on mouse drag/drop

-Can display bullets

-Can display arrows

-Perfect comprehensive resizing system, auto-adjusting height and width up to zone width and content height, controlling scrollbars, position and optional setting minimum/maximum size limits.

-Adaptive to any background color (transparent background), optionally possible to use main site styles)

-Extra fast performance, especially when used with other GoodPoint Add-Ins on the same page (CDN-hosted files with caching)

Use this Free Version unlimited time or Upgrade to Pro Version to get more awesome features.


-No Ads

-Unlimited amount of different sliders

-Unlimited amount of images in every slider


-SharePoint On Premises 2013/2016 and Office 365 supported

-No extra feature requirements.

-Supports IE 9+, Firefox (latest), Chrome(latest)


-Only images with size up to width:600px height:400px are supported

-Single line captions only should be used


-Only one slider is available

-Up to three images in slider will be rendered

At a glance