Time Off Enterprise DEMO


Demo of Fild.NET's most advanced leave of absence management application.

Easy leave requests handling for different regions, time zones and holiday sets, including India, Malaysia, the US and Europe. Enable your employees to submit leave requests with ease, while allowing authorized staff to accept or reject such requests across all your branches worldwide.

Enterprise version recommended for all companies with more than 200 future application users.

Try out for 30 days for free! Check all features here:

Some features adjusted for cross-country and cross-continental enterprises:

• Submit leave requests with a simple and easy-to-fill online form

• Divide employees by region/ department/ location

• Specify types of leave from work by department as well as public holidays by locations

• Cross-country and cross-continental calendar views

• Assign roles to users (i.e. Admin, HR Member, Manager etc.)

• Specify multiple leave request information, including a date range, the type of leave and optionally a representative for the time of the user’s absence

• Control the numbers of available days off and assign new types of leave with day counts (new, used and spent last year).

• Multi-step acceptance of leave requests and easy employees management through their electronic cards.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at Check also possibility of additional support.


What environment requirements are for provider hosted applications (TimeOff Enterprise, Timelog, Auctions Pro)?

To successfully complete the installation process we would like to ask You to prepare Your environment according to this list:

1.Hosting on Windows Server:

• .NET Framework 4.5

• IIS 7.0 or later

• SSL Certificate

• Account (domain or local) for application pool

2.MSSQL SQL Server:

• minimal version: 2008 Express

• SQL account for connection


• Provide a URL that is used as an entry point into your live site (sent it to us as we need it for the configuration file).

• URL must use https protocol

• Configure DNS so the URL leads to hosting

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