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Employee Directory - PRO


Employee Directory (retrieves from domain, also has Presence Indicator)

This Add-in has the capability to

- View complete details of employees within the organization's Intranet

- Fetches the details of Users in Office365 within the current domain.

- Automatically connects to the search api

- Location and Department filters in the navigation

- Also gives a short-cut to ‘send an email’ or ‘start a Chat’ or ‘start a phone call’ with the telephone number available using the machines default calling application.

- Enhanced the Office365 ‘Search’ capabilities by fetching more than 500 employees at a time.

- Gets the live Skype for Business/Lync status and display in the browser

- Get Lync/Skype for Business pop-up Control

Important features


1. Start a chat

2. Send an email

3. View/Dial phone numbers

4. View availability and calendar info using the Lync popup

5. Changes the status of a user automatically without reloading the page when a user goes offline/busy/away

6. View Employee from a particular department

New Features added in this version


1. Dynamic user status availability

2. A-Z pagination buttons resembling to the Native Directory

3. Alphabetically arranged users

4. Exclude filters and Domain filters moved to list for easy management of the employees displayed

5. Added ability to choose Picture Source - SharePoint/Outlook

6. 1 list control for Department and Location filters

7. New Metro Look Contact Icons in Settings

8. New Photo source for on-premise users having my sites at other locations. Use the Picture source field to fetch photos from a custom location



1. User Profiles in the search should be created for the users

2. App permissions should be set to allow the add-in to read the host data

3. You need to add https://* in the trusted sites in the internet options

Customizations available in Custom Properties section


1. Departments Checkbox - Setting this yes/no will enable or disable the department buttons

2. Domain filters work on multiple values separated by commas

3. Exclude filters and Domain filters

4. Ability to choose phone number - Work Phone or Mobile Number

5. Location filters

6. Added Pagination

7. Ability to change the background

Note: Add-in does not work on IE 9 or below. The 'presence indicator' also does not work in Chrome.

Recommended browsers : Firefox, IE 10 and above


Themes and color Schemes are all customizable as per the UI and the Site. Please contact us through the links provided in the APP.


We provide 3 hours of configuration level support along with this purchase.

For a set of more advanced features, please do try out our Enterprise Versions of the app.