ReportWorX 365


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ReportWorX 365 delivers insightful reports from manufacturing and building energy data.

ICONICS ReportWorX 365 is a new business intelligence reporting tool for Microsoft’s Office platform that runs in Excel Online, Office 365 or Excel 2013. It allows users to easily access real-time and historical data from any ICONICS application, including GENESIS64™, Hyper Historian™ and the AnalytiX® suite.

ReportWorX 365 can be easily deployed via Microsoft’s Office Store with no installation needed.

With ReportWorX 365, users can author and view reports related to industrial processes quickly and easily. In addition to gathering Big Data, users can also filter that data and perform advanced analytics on it using Microsoft’s business intelligence tools, including Power BI, Power View and Power Query, as well as Azure-based analytics services such as Azure Machine Learning.

ReportWorX 365 combines data into summary statistics using a variety of aggregation methods, with integrated role-based security to ensure access to the most relevant data. The intuitive point-and-click interface within an Excel task pane allows users to easily select the data they wish to access, select a location within the spreadsheet to view the data, then include any filters they wish to apply to that data.

Key Features Include:

• Simple Interface for Quick Data Access – get exactly the data you need in just a few clicks

• Inserts Data into Currently Selected Cells

• Makes Data Available for Use in Power Pivot, Power Query and More

• Leverages Excel Tables for Rich Formatting Options

• Server and Client-side Paging for Maximum Performance

• User Interface for REST Endpoints

Supported Data Sources

• HDA (Hyper Historian™, TrendWorX™64)

• OPC Real-time data

• Historical Alarms (AlarmWorX™64)

• Energy AnalytiX®

• Facility AnalytiX®

• Quality AnalytiX®

• Dimension Data (dates, assets, etc.)

According to Microsoft, “Apps for Office are solutions that carry a light footprint and use Web standards-based technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, XML and REST APIs. Apps have a light footprint because they don’t actually install on the computer running the host application, they run from a browser control in a secure app runtime environment, and that means they are easily maintained and updated.”

“With the Office 365 platform, companies using ReportWorX 365 can tap into Microsoft’s wealth of business intelligence tools and perform analytics in real time,” said Caglayan Arkan, general manager, Worldwide Manufacturing and Resources Sector, Microsoft. “ReportWorX 365 fully utilizes the capabilities of Excel to offer worldwide access to all of ICONICS’ industry applications.”

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