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FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Tenant)

Strive Technology Inc.

All your SharePoint things in one place. One-click to docs, lists, charts. Why search over and over?

FollowCol Dashboard is the app you use to bring all your SharePoint content to one place –- your Dashboard.

If you are like many SharePoint users all your documents and data are generally spread out in various sites, document libraries, custom lists, calendars, task lists, etc. Search works great but why do it over and over again? FollowCol Dashboard lets you "follow" all this information but not just with a simple link to it. Instead, with FollowCol Dashboard you specify HOW you want to follow it, thereby bringing the information to your personal Dashboard using innovative visualizations for fast access and analysis. You can literally build your Dashboard in a few minutes.

FollowCol Dashboard Feature Summary:

  • Access to all your documents and other information throughout SharePoint from one place, saving you countless hours of searching and re-searching for "your stuff"
  • Quickly find SharePoint sites, document libraries, and lists and select which columns to follow
  • Follow Methods to specify how you want to follow your information including Document Library, Data Grid, Statistics, and Charts (look for more in the future)
  • Manage and organize your FollowCols using colored tags and create Top 10 lists to prioritize your Dashboard
  • Customizable Dashboard for displaying Follow Methods including searchable data grids, document tree view, document card view, charts, and more.
  • One click/touch access to your most important information on the Dashboard which displays when the app starts
  • Document Library Follow Method to slice and dice document libraries into small views so you can get to your documents fast, including your OneDrive documents
  • BI capabilities with advanced data filtering, analysis, and charting
  • Optimized for use on any device from desktop to phone
  • Follow lists and columns from
  • Increase productivity and leverage the power of SharePoint and Office 365

To learn more visit or just TRY FollowCol Dashboard for FREE.

FollowCol Dashboard works with both Office 365 SharePoint and SharePoint on-premises and comes in 2 versions, both available in the Office Store:


FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Tenant) is more powerful as it enables users to follow columns from lists and libraries in any site in an Office 365 tenant or a SharePoint on-premises farm/tenant. This version requires installation by a tenant administrator.


FollowCol Dashboard (SharePoint Site) enables users to follow columns in lists and libraries from the current site collection and subsites. This version can be installed by site collection administrators on a site-by-site basis.

Both versions function identically except as described above.

To learn more visit or click the "Free Trial" button to try FollowCol Dashboard today.