Dolphin 365 Contract Management

by Navantis Inc.

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Dolphin 365 Contract Management gives you unprecedented control of the contract life cycle


• Are your contracts all over the place?

• Do you struggle with folders or naming consistency?

• Are you finding it difficult to search for crucial information across contracts?

• Is your investment in contract templates not being used to its full potential?

• Are you frequently digging through email for the latest version of a contract?

• Are you missing legal commitments because your obligations are poorly tracked?

• Are you putting your business at unnecessary risk?

The Solution:

Minimize your business risk with Dolphin 365 by taking charge of your contracts across their entire lifecycle:

• Now, teams can store and manage all contracts in one central location (SharePoint Online)

• Easily maintain and track the latest version of a contract

• Easily search across contracts to find crucial information

• Dolphin 365 stores your templates for easy access

• Contract authoring using your own templates has never been easier

• Dashboards and reporting tools keep you on top of your commitments

• No matter what contract type, you can easily manage your documents and deliver on your obligations.

• Dolphin 365 empowers professional services organizations. Sales teams and other consultancies benefit from simplified contracting rigor.

With Dolphin 365, gain control over contracts quickly and easily.

Dolphin 365 is a SaaS offering built on Office 365. It leverages SharePoint Online for contract storage and lifelong version control and management. To install, simply access the SharePoint online site as the target, navigate to the Office store to search for Dolphin 365 and click install. You will need to grant the application access to email and the SharePoint Online site. For further information about the application and how it works, please visit

Dolphin 365 is intended for use with SharePoint Online only. Visit for information about the Dolphin On-Premise Version.

Refer to our companion tool – Dolphin Compose – also listed in the office store. This Word Add-In enables you to maintain a clause library for use across your contracts. See for further information.

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