CRAVEPoint Media

by Intelligent Touch Solutions

SharePoint AddIn Part for CRAVE allows users to surface Digital Assets into SharePoint

‘SharePoint AddIn Part for CRAVE’ allows users to surface CRAVE Digital Assets (Audio, Video, Images) into SharePoint pages.

CRAVE is a SaaS, Multitenant, Public Cloud platform, for Digital Asset Management, allowing its customers to store all of their digital assets (Audio, Images, Video) into one convenient place. Upon uploading, each asset is encoded into all available formats, giving the best viewing, listening experience to its audience, regardless of the platform they consume the assets on: iPhone/iPad, android phones/tablets, Windows Phones/Tablets/laptops/desktops. CRAVE supports adaptive bit streaming, always adjusting on-the-fly to your network’s ever changing conditions gives you best experience. CRAVE allows assets to be published to outside world, directly into any of the following social networks: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter but it can be extended to publish videos to any other upcoming social networks. CRAVE also supports publishing into any other web site, not just social networks. Each published asset can have its own publishing policy defining date/time period within which the asset will be available for streaming, after which asset will be removed. CRAVE supports Live Streaming Events, that are automatically available for catch-up viewing. CRAVE even supports live streaming from your mobile phones, directly into the web site of your choice, by using CRAVE as the backend. CRAVE provides analytics, showing exactly what did users do with the video being streamed, when did they stop viewing, whether they sped up through the viewing, making CRAVE indispensable for multiple use cases including compliance. CRAVE allows users to switch off features in line with the privacy requirements in some of the more privacy sensitive countries. CRAVE will also supports advert insert into the videos, whether the videos are catch-up stream or Live Stream.

To use ‘SharePoint AddIn Part for CRAVE’, user needs to have a valid CRAVE account. To create one, please go to:; under Register. After you enter your basic information and create a CRAVE tenant, go back to and select ‘Log in’, enter your CRAVE credentials you created in previous step. Select ‘Upload’ in the Tab on the CRAVE Home Page and select Audio, Video or Image file to upload. Once the file has been uploaded, it will take few minutes to be encoded, after which it will show up on the home page. Alternatively, user can go to the ‘Channels’ tab and select ‘Channel’ Digital Asset was uploaded to. To surface CRAVE Digital Asset uploaded in the previous steps, please complete the following:

1. Go to Administration (Upper right-hand Corner), 'Admin', within your CRAVE tenant.

2. Select 'Manage external access tokens' and click on the right hand side of the 'Manage external access tokens' to copy the value to clipboard

3. Go to the SharePoint site collection administration on your SharePoint online or SharePoint 2013 on-premise tenant

a. Click right hand corner 'Settings' Icon

b. From the drop-down select 'Site Contents'

c. Select Pages

d. Select 'CRAVE by Intelligent Touch' App (you must deploy first CRAVE SharePoint AddIn Part into your site collection)

4. Under 'Crave Tenant Url' enter ''

5. Under 'Tenant Authorization Token' enter Paste the value you acquired under 2.

6. Deploy the CRAVE web part as you would any other

7. In 'Edit Page' in your SharePoint, pick 'Add WebPart'

8. Select 'CRAVE Channel Preview', 'CRAVE Embed Asset' or 'CRAVE Slideshow'

9. Once you have placed your selected CRAVE WebPart, expand the WebPart configuration and select 'CRAVE Configuration'.

10. Under 'External Access Token of the CRAVE digital asset' and insert the 'External Access Token'

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