Saketa Employee Directory


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Employee Directory Services with Awesome Search and Filtering

Saketa, an Office Apps Award Winner for Best User Interface in Year 2016 are specialists at bringing several business and IT functions to your SharePoint environment as plug and play SharePoint add-ins. We take pride in building intuitive products that are easy to use and highly configurable to scale to user's specific needs. All our products are SharePoint Online and On-premises SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint 2016 compatible.

Saketa Employee Directory provides a clean and rich contact directory services (Employee Phone Book) to an organization's Intranet portal. With a number of filtering and search options, configurable presentations and indexed views, searching and retrieving user profile information is made so easy and convenient. This makes Employee Directory one of the top apps from our portfolio.

The Employee Directory uses the SharePoint user profile information as its source and hence will always be synced with your updates, if the SharePoint profile synchronization service is in place and configured right.

Saketa Employee Directory Features:

  • Intuitive and Rich User experience.
  • Employee Search control (app-part) to add on to any page within the host site.
  • Configurable themes and employee information presentation.
  • Alphabetical index available for quick navigation.
  • Ability to follow a profile or add to favorites.
  • Filter the results by skills, locations and departments (any one, at a time).
  • Exclusion Filters to remove unwanted domains, users, external accounts.

Please enjoy the free trial for 15 days. Contact us at "Sales" for an annual subscription to this product or any additional information or demo of the rich feature set this add-in offers. Check out our "Saketa Employee Directory Pro" release - Available in store from Feb 1, 2017.

Update History:

v1.0.0.1 - Provided a User guide link for easy reference


  • Exclusion filters - Exclude any external/live accounts, domains or by profile properties
  • The ED interactive filters are now configurable
  • Profile picture aspect ratio is maintained
  • All including custom profile properties are now available in the full view.

v1.0.0.4 - Exclusion filtering handled for special cases.

v1.0.1.0 - UI bug fixes for latest browsers.

v1.0.2.0 - Fix for Access denied error in O365 environment, started after a Microsoft security update.

v1.0.3.0 - Bug fixes for Administration Console not showing up in the application for some users

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