Word to Wiki Online Pro

by Kaboodle Software

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Convert Word documents to wiki and publishing pages

This is the professional version of Word to Wiki Online from Kaboodle Software. It provides enhanced features to convert Word format documents into SharePoint publishing, standard wiki and enterprise wiki pages.

Word to Wiki Online is built as an SSL secured provider hosted app using an Azure Web Application as the cloud based conversion service.

Although the conversion processing happens in the cloud your data is never stored anywhere outside of your SharePoint farm or tenancy but is sent as an encrypted binary stream to the Word to Wiki Online processing engine.

The processing engine extracts any embedded graphic content from the source document stream and sends back other encrypted binary streams, one for each image, which are then saved in a standard SharePoint picture library in .png format.

The source text is converted to HTML where any embedded content is replaced by linked content now stored in your SharePoint picture library.

The resulting HTML is then send back to SharePoint, once again as an encrypted binary stream, where it is saved as a wiki page article in your specified target wiki or publishing library.

Conceptually it is quite a simple process but of course the devil is in the technical detail to ensure that the service is reliable and your data is secure.

Word to Wiki Online (Pro) offers the following capabilities not available with the free version, Word to Wiki Online (Lite):

  • Support for SharePoint Enterprise Wikis
  • Support for SharePoint Publishing Libraries
  • Cross site publishing
  • Metadata mapping
  • Page layout selection
  • Text layout selection
  • Automatic in-page table of contents generation
  • Leverage SharePoint's reusable content features
  • Paragraph numbering reset or removal
  • Use SharePoint styles or the styles set in source document
  • Balk processing of multiple documents
  • Asynchronous processing
  • Partial document publishing (chunk processing)
  • Event and audit logging
  • Saving publishing configuration settings
  • Custom page naming
  • Optional fixed page height and/or width

We have chosen a subscription based licensing model for this application and licenses are charged on a per publisher basis at a cost of $19.99 per month. This is no license fee payable for users who simply access the resulting web pages.

We have set a user threshold of 10 named publishers which means that if you needed Word to Wiki Online (Pro) to be available to more than 9 users (potentially there could be thousands of publishers) then the most you will ever be asked to pay is $199.90 per month. However, we expect that most organisations will need just a few licensed publishers.

If you prefer a more traditional licensing model then this can be arranged but please contact us directly so we can provide you with a written quotation.

Word to Wiki Online (Pro) is available for a free 30 day trail period for up to 5 users. However, to protect our investment, please be aware that pages generated without a paid license will have a paragraph (at random) replaced with a highlighted text message indicating that the product is unlicensed.

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