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Leave Request Workflow


Use the workflow to submit, approve and view approved leave requests.

There are three modules for the workflow as below:

My Requests: Requester can manage requests here. This module lists all the requests submitted by the requester himself/herself. Click “New Request” link can submit new leave request. The fields contains:

1. Reason: Provide brief leave reason(Required field).

2. Type: Provide leave type including private affairs leave, annual leave and sick leave(Required field).

3. Start Date: Provide start leave date(Required field).

4. End Date: Provide end leave date(Required field).

5. Leave Days: Provide leave work days(Weekend days not included).

6. Approvers: Provide approvers, multiple approvers are supported, the workflow will be approved in serial order(not parallel), so requester should input approvers in the right approval order(Required field).

7. Comments: Provide comments when submitting request or when approving request(Optional).

Requester can save the request as draft or submit directly when finish filling. After request is submitted, the first approver will be notified by email.

My Pending Approvals: Approvers can approve requests here. This module lists all the pending requests submitted by requesters.

Approver can view the request details by click the “Request ID” field, input comments, and click “Approve” or “Reject”. If request is approved, the next approver will be notified by email, if request is rejected, the requester will be notified by email, the approval workflow will be finished. When the request is approved by all the approvers, requester will be notified by email.

Approval Report: All users can see the approved leave requests here, so they can know who will leave office and when leave office for what reasons.

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