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Collabion Charts for SharePoint Online

Collabion Technologies

4.3 (12)

Transform your SharePoint list data into insightful, customizable 2D and 3D charts

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Online is a 100% codeless solution designed for building stunning and insightful charts in SharePoint Online. One of the major USPs is its ease of use, which lets you build each chart with fewer than 5 clicks.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Online offers the following unbeatable features:

  • Extensive chart gallery – Choose from 25 chart types, including several 3D varieties.

  • Quick and easy data sourcing – Connect to SharePoint lists and views through simple 2-step process.

  • Unlimited number of list items – Connect to SharePoint lists with any number of items.

  • Multi-level Drill Down – Dig deep into your summarized data up to the n-th level, and extract valuable insights.

  • Customizability – Modify chart and axes labels as per your requirement.

  • Advanced data exploration – Apply advanced features like filtering, grouping, sorting, and selecting top records straight out of the box. CCSP Online automatically reads these information from the applied List View.

  • Power features – Compare different aspects of your data with Dual Y-axis and multiple plot types (line, area, column), to gain additional insights.

  • Beautiful, pre-configured themes – Choose from different themes to make your charts visually appealing.

  • Seamless compatibility – Deploy and use Collabion Charts across all types of SharePoint sites or pages.


Licensing Information


Please note that a license is only required to create or edit the charts. No license is necessary to view the charts.