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Employee Spotlight Pro


5.0 (10)

Employee of the Month, Engagement, Employee Spotlight, HR Updates & Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries

Extremely easy to setup and manage, this SharePoint add-in is instantly configurable and ready to use in any of SharePoint Office 365, On-premises or hybrid environments.

Some of its salient features


1. Highlight or focus Employees on the home page

2. Has a rich set of 8 pre-defined templates using beautiful combinations of various background images and layouts

3. Ability to Customize your own templates

4. Use 1 or more Employees at a time, using the navigation options in the pagination

5. For any HR Event, Birthday, Anniversary, User, Product, you can configure this Add-in to promote it

6. Use long description to highlight details in Rich Text HTML features.

7. "Employee of the Month", "Employee Spotlight", "HR Updates & Events", “Employee Engagement”, Birthdays & Anniversarries, any News or Blog.

For configuration and support help


Please visit the youtube tutorial link provided on the landing page

For any customizations feel free to contact us through our website links in the add-in.

SharePoint and Browser Compatibility


The addin works with Browsers IE9 and Above.

All Chrome and Firefox based browsers are supported by default.