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Bubble Heat Chart

Garden City Consultants

2.3 (3)

A tool to visualize up to 4 dimension data into a bubble heat color chart.


Bubble Heat Chart Excel add-in is a tool to visualize up to 4 data series by using axis X, Y, bubble color and size.

There are 2 types of bubble chart in this add-in:

  • Color Category Bubble Chart: the color represents the category of the data.

  • Color Heat Bubble Chart: the color is turned into heat-map to represent the numeric value.

There are 3 sample data in this add-in to show the usages of the bubble chart:

  • Color Category Bubble Chart

  • Housing, GDP, Population by States

  • Security Risk Return Chart

  • Color Heat Bubble Chart

  • Housing, GDP, Min Wage, Population by States

The data are in 5 columns in the following order:

  • Name(ID) of the data

  • Numeric value for the axis X

  • Numeric value for the axis Y

  • In Color Category Bubble Chart, the 4th column has string value to represent the group, category of the data.

  • In Color Heat Bubble Chart, the 4th column has the numeric value that can be rendered into heat-map color for the bubble.

  • Numeric value for the size of bubbles.


  • Visualize up to 4 data series.

  • Easy to use and user friendly. Sample data can be the template to build own data.

  • Change the title by clicking the title area and enter the text as needed.

  • Mouse over the bubbles to view the detail in the tool-tips.

  • Interactive Chart: the chart is binding to the data table in the sheet, the chart is drawing when the data is entered.


  • Download this add in and start Excel 2013 SP1 or later.

  • Select a sample data in the settings screen.

  • Click Insert Sample Data button to insert the sample data and view the chart.

  • Delete the data in the sheet and repeat step 2, 3 to view different type of chart.

  • PPaste own data into the sample data table and click binding the existing table button to draw the chart

  • Change colors in Settings screen as needed.

  • Click in the title area in chart to enter desired title.

Version Release Notes:

New features:

  • Merge the ChartType and Sample Data setting to simplify the settings.

  • Add Video Tutorial.
Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet