Bulk Calc and Publish

by PPM Works Inc.

Project Online timesaver. Automatically update, calculate, and publish your Project Online projects

This helpful Project Online add-in allows for more efficiency by automatically bulk calculating and publishing your projects. This is especially helpful with calculated fields that use the current date “Now()” function or any other fields that require calculations.

Using this add-in allows you have the power to create a schedule, change the frequency and avoid the manual steps of recalculating and/or publishing your projects.

Here are some reasons our clients are using this add-in:

  • Automatically publish all or a subset of your projects within Project Online. If you simply want all your projects published weekly or daily - you can now easily do that. Think about that big Senior Management meeting that you need all project data updated and published - well here you go, this add-in can do that for you.
  • Set the Schedule to run when you want it to. With the Bulk Calc and Publish add-in you can automate and save time by avoiding the manual steps of forcing your project to recalculate and publish.
  • Ensure the latest project data for Reporting. You can confirm that all projects have been published so your dashboards and reports reflect the latest project updates.

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