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Task Notifications


4.3 (6)

Popup Notifications for new and update events in Task lists on your site

Experience the power of SharePoint add-ins by trying out our this innovative product.

This SharePoint add-in allows your to update your users with the ever changing tasks on your site.

Task Notification has the below features


1. Bind selected SharePoint Tasks with Notifications

2. On Binding Task Lists - For every new Task Update and Task Added the user whom the Task is Assigned to gets a toast notification

3. On hovering the Notification, the user can view a short description of the notification

4. On Clicking the notification the user can navigate to the Actual Task

5. The color of the notification, depends on the status of the Task item

6. View a summary of the Tasks assigned to him directly or via a group

7. Dismiss notifications

8. Accompanied by a webpart to align the notifications at the top right corner of the screen

To configure this add-in properly and understand more, feel free to contact us through the support links in the Add-in

Free Support Policy

1. We offer 1 hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting. Feel Free to contact us in the support email ids.

2. Along with this 0.5 hours of support for fixing the add-in within 6 months of installation

Current Version Limitations:

If a task is assigned to a group, the user cannot permanently disable those notifications.

Notifications arising as a result of individually assigning tasks can be dismissed.

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