TreeINFO Forms for Office 365

by Sabris CZ s.r.o.

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Design SharePoint forms with sections, tabs, multilanguage, custom definitions and own ccs styles.

Application TreeINFO Forms for Office 365 allows you to create rich and ergonomic forms with advanced options and features.

Graphic designer with drag and drop help you to design forms with expandable sections or tabs and define multiple columns for each section.

You are able easily copy existing Form and create new Form definitions which will be use based on scripted rules. For example, in different steps of workflow or based on logged user.

Main features

  • Field aggregation - sections or tabs
  • Field aggregation - sections or tabs
  • Field in columns – number of columns defined for each section
  • Field definition – mandatory, editable, read only, value validation
  • Alternative form definition – form based on values defined in attributes (eg. workflow state)
  • Document preview in form
  • The application of CSS for the form
  • Scripting

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